Dear Winter: We get it. Thanks.

Mark 13:18 – Pray that it may not happen in winter.

Maybe it’s part of the aging process, but winter seems colder this year. And darker too. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if the Groundhog was embarrassed and in under six weeks we were all complaining about the heat. “Oh, the heat. I just can’t take it. Turn up the AC.”

The Gospels give us a glimpse into the struggles of the end of time. It’s strange to me that Jesus teaches us to pray that our fleeing to the mountains would not occur during winter. Why would our prayers have any effect on the weather then? They don’t seem to now, do they? And how on earth would they influence the timing of events at the end of time? I know, it’s probably just a manner of expression that Jesus is using here and not something offered to build a doctrine of prayer on. I get it. But I also really get the point that doing anything in the winter is harder, especially running for your life on account of the apocalypse.

It’s touching that Jesus, as He heads to the cross, is worried about the details of our physical experience in life and on earth. You can see His humanity here, as well as His compassion. It’s real. He feels it for mothers with babies and all the rest of us. Remember this as you endure the wind chilling you to the bone as you move from heated homes and buildings to heated cars and back.

It’s always counterintuitive to picture Jesus caring like this. Really? Who are we? He should be angry with us, right? He has every right to be. The cold can remind us of what we deserve due to our sins, but instead, with a little Scripture in front of us, because of what Jesus did for us on the Cross, the cold can also remind us that winter is temporary and will soon be eclipsed by more than the warmth of summer. Someday the warmth of Heaven will overtake us. Someday soon. And only because of Jesus.

Let me just write the word “summer” here a few more times. It looks so good on the page.



One Reply to “Dear Winter: We get it. Thanks.”

  1. “Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so.” Thank you for sharing summer and winter. We should thank Him for both, the temporary cold of the winter and the warmth of the summer giving way to the eternal warmth of Heaven. Thank you Jesus for your great love.

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