This is your friend

“It is our heaven to lay many weights and burdens upon Christ. Let him find much employment for his calling with you; for he is a such a Friend as delighteth to be burdened with suits and employments; and the more homely ye be with him, the more welcome.”

Samuel Rutherford, “The Loveliness of Christ”

There’s a fruitless fig tree in the reading a few days back (Matthew 21:18-22) for those reading through the Bible in a year via the plan found in Our Daily Bread. Jesus disdains this tree’s fruitlessness. It is the opposite of who He is. You will never go to His tree, the Cross, and fail to find fruit that restores your soul to life. This fruit is displayed like a summer night sky filled with stars. When you reach for it, a hand reaches back for yours. A voice like no other says, “I will never leave you. Never.” This is your friend. This universe creator turned carpenter laid down his life for you on purpose. He knew who you were before you were born. He knew what He was doing for you before you ever heard His Name. This is your friend. You do not have another friend like Him. This friend wants you to find fruit in Him every time you seek it. This friend wants your problems, your pain, your failure, your sin. Hand it to Him. He leans into every part of you that you try to hide even from yourself. He wants to clean things up and clean things out. He knows how you speak to and treat the ones you say you love. He wants those dead parts of your life and heart; that’s what He’s come to work with and change. Like an artist seeking a blank canvas or a sculptor a rough stone, Jesus seeks your broken life. The things He can do with a broken life! It is amazing. This friend of yours is something else. The things about you that destroy every other relationship in your life are the basis for your relationship to Him. And your friendship with Him brings relief and rescue for each of these other relationships. This is your friend.

One Reply to “This is your friend”

  1. I remember reading this passage years ago and was convicted that it meant I should do (or be) what Jesus expects of me … now I read it as Jesus expects that anyone who has a relationship with him will bear fruit … “I am the vine …” e.g., John 15:5-8. (Spiritual growth is certainly rewarding isn’t it? TY Holy Spirit!)

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