It’s a great word, regardless of whether you voted for the incoming President or not. As Christians in this nation, we’re all praying earnestly for the safety, success, and spiritual life of our new President, Donald Trump. Period. I heard someone say today that it’s both about him and about the White House within the history of our nation. It’s about America.

Inauguration. Having just read about Joseph being promoted from prison orderly to second-in-command in all Egypt, I love the idea of the word.

Here’s the first definition I found of inauguration on the Internet via Google…

  • in·au·gu·ra·tion
    noun: inauguration; plural noun: inaugurations
    – the beginning or introduction of a system, policy, or period.
    “the inauguration of an independent prosecution service”
    – the formal admission of someone to office.
    “Truman’s second presidential inauguration”
    – a ceremony to mark the beginning of something.
    “the inauguration of the Modern Art Museum”

Each presidential inauguration is a new beginning. But for many of us, we need a personal inauguration tooAnd that’s why we’re reading Scripture every day with passion and commitment. Christ has an inauguration just for us. There it is in His Word. Joseph pleaded with the cupbearer who benefitted from his dream interpretation to help him, an innocent man, regain his freedom. He dreamt of one kind of inauguration. God had something much, much bigger in mind. How about you? It’s like we have a second New Year’s Day this year. Are there areas in your life where you need a new beginning? In reading through Genesis, it’s like we trip over second chances given to failing people, generation after generation. The Bible is a book of second chances, that is itself not just our second chance, but, with God, really our only chance. May you undergo an inauguration of a fresh season with Jesus Christ in your life via His Word!

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