Writing, Part 2

A couple of folks took up my challenge to write a devotional based on their Bible study and Christian walk. Here’s an inspiring word from Laurie Thorn…

Putting On The Armor of God

I struggled for many years, unbeknownst to me, with a scriptural misconception. When faced with challenges, I would, as Ephesians 6:10 told me, “Put on the whole armor of God…” The interesting thing is that I would “put it on,” but then fail to remember that it was there protecting me. I would forget I was wearing it, and allow the flaming arrows of my past, and the ones of the present, to penetrate it. It wasn’t until I finally, truly, gave my painful past to God that I saw that I didn’t need to “put it on.” This was because when I first declared that Jesus was my Lord, I put on “The whole armor of God” as described in detail in Ephesians 6:10-20, and I wear it All The Time! This realization came after REALLY giving my painful past to God. I learned that up to that point I might have prayed to be rid of these hurts, but I had not truly relinquished it all to Him! Only My husband and close friends know the very clear vision God gave me. It is Me, standing on a hilltop, arms akimbo, legs planted firmly on the ground, clothed fully in the armor described in Ephesians 6, shield in one hand, sword in the other, hair and a cape blowing in the breeze, with the biggest smile on my face! The only extra addition is a cape! Wonder Woman circa 1945. I still have my moments, but my past no longer defines who I am. My Heavenly Father does!



3 Replies to “Writing, Part 2”

  1. Wow, thank you Laurie, and John, for sharing. God is so patient with us, and we (me first) are so good at complicating things instead of just putting our lives in His hands, trusting and resting. How He can use us (to change the world, did I just hear that yesterday??) if we just let Him.

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