The Gift of a Single Word

Another surprising gift that ongoing Bible reading gives us is the power of single words from His Word. It happens when you read a verse in the Bible that you may have read many times before. Suddenly, a word stands out and it is the word you need for today. The first verse I learned from Scripture, Psalm 118:14, represents a series of these kinds of “a-ha” moments for me. “The Lord is my strength and my song, he has become my salvation.”

I remember one time feeling very panicky. I was wondering what my next move was in a situation. It looked like I was losing everything, no matter what move I made. I was trapped. I had nothing left to bring to my problem. I was under attack. I didn’t know that all I needed was the word “strength.” I thought I needed wisdom or the ability to see something I hadn’t before. In a second, thanks to the Holy Spirit, I realized that I simply needed to stand my ground in His Strength. The Lord was my ability to handle things. I didn’t have to figure anything else out. I didn’t have to come up with something. I just had to release my grip on the situation and sense His Grip on me. The Lord was my strength because He is my strength. As you make your way through the Bible, look for this gift of single words from God’s Word. Is there a single word in the verses you’ve read today that He means to help you with? Sometimes the answer to the most complicated situation can come in the form of one simple, single word from Him.

Peace, grace, strength, forgiveness, life, mercy, blessing, provision, salvation, favor, wisdom, healing, trust, patience, redemption, love…

To read the Bible everyday is to believe that God can transform your life and heart right now with even just one word from His Word.





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