Missing the Start

In a few days I’ll be running my 14th marathon. I’m an always-almost-in-shape runner (code for lazy) who invariably experiences certain urgent biological demands right in time for the starting gun to go off for each of these races. (They usually start early in the morning. Think a 4:00am wakeup time, black coffee, Berry Pomegrante Chia Clif bars, and bananas combined with adrenaline. I think you get the picture.) By now I’ve learn to shrug my shoulders, take care of my personal business in as timely and effective a manner as possible, and get going… joining the herds of plodders with whom I’ll be spending the next 4-5 hours of my life as we travel 26.2 miles by putting one sneaker in front of the other.

OK. So It’s January 2nd. You had big plans, you and God, big plans involving His Holy Word in 2017, but now your doing your equivalent of my standing in line for a porta-potty after the starting gun. The year is running on without you. You’re already behind. No worries! A year is a long time, just like a marathon is a long race. You have plenty of make-up time in front of you. And, let’s be honest, you’ll probably be there again, standing in your version of a porta-potty line, more than once in the coming year. I know I will. Just like in a marathon (and in life), however, it’s all about crossing that finish line.

But, let’s remember, it’s also about the miles, one at a time. We read (and run) because we’re alive and grateful. It’s not just a rush to the finish to say, “I did this.”

Two other things for the day…

  1. A superhero missionary friend of ours sent out her plans for Bible reading in 2017 and she’s using a pretty cool resource. Here it is. (It’s called The Bible Project.) She also sent a link to a very cool app. Here it is. (It’s called Read Scripture.)  These look awesome. And, like I’m saying today, there’s still plenty of time to start well. Maybe one of these is the way to go.
  2. I mentioned in an earlier post about the pesky new ESV2016 text. An old favorite Bible site of mine, Blue Letter Bible, has a handy list of the verses that were changed from the ESV2011, the one most ESV people and churches have. Not that many verses have changed really, but the first one (Genesis 3:16) will get your attention; what a difference a word can make. Also, note that the ESV Study Bible site (here) has the ESV2016 text for you to read, but the audio is still ESV2011 at this point.

Thanks for all the responses, follows, comments, and encouragement! God bless you today! Enjoy His Word!

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