In the beginning…

How are your 2017 Bible reading plans coming? Most Bible reading plans that align with calendar years start the reader in Genesis. Besides being the beginning, this is an epic place to start for other reasons. Every year it is an emotional thing to read Genesis 1-3 on January 1st. There is so much here of consequence, almost too much for one day. For this reason, I started early this year. This means I finished my 2016 Bible read-through early, reading all the text, notes and articles of “The Apologetics Study Bible” featuring the older 2003/2004 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) version. (The 2009 text is the better revision.) I usually finish reading through the Bible in a year early. It’s hard to read one chapter of Revelation a day, especially around Christmas. I prefer to face Armageddon in one long morning of intense reading, instead of dragging it out through the 12 days of Christmas.

And, before continuing, just so you know, for 2017 I’m planning on reading through the ESV (English Standard Version) 2016 “permanent edition” text which has since, after some controversy, been deemed “not permanent.” Regardless, this means that, yes, there is now an ESV 2016 text edition which makes the ESV 2011 text edition in our pulpits out of date. Ugh. Anyway, I have the new ESV “Journaling Bible” with Crossway’s famous, tiny, barely readable font, the one nearly all of their handheld Bibles feature. Perhaps it’s their ministry to persuade readers of their mortality via daily immersion in the reality of failing eyesight. Don’t be blind to the fact that you will soon face judgment! Whatever the reason, I have glasses… and lots of spares. Full disclosure: my plan B for 2017 is my new massive, intimidating copy of “The Reformation Study Bible,” which is officially the heaviest Bible I own… out of 50 or so. The heaviest. I may revert to it last minute if I succumb to some need to test my manhood and endure monumental challenge… because it would mean that I would have to read all the notes too, which is what I do on the years I choose study Bibles to read through. Anyway, back to Genesis…)

Here’s what I noticed this time through Genesis 1…

The act of creation may be at least as much about order as it is about production. God makes things, but this is not the only focus of the text. (If you say He doesn’t make them, of course, you lose the entire thread of the text and refute everything that follows. More on this later.) God’s making things, however, seems to be mentioned as if can be assumed by the faithful reader. It doesn’t seem to be the sole need the writer (Moses) perceives in the reader’s mind. God making things is great and perfectly necessary for the redemption account that follows, but we need to know something more about His making everything. The text wants us to pick up something more. It’s clear in how the verses are organized. We need to know that things come in a certain order. We need to know that everything has a place and that everything is in its place. Order is often the unopened gift of Genesis 1. Order is the first evidence that we not only have a God at work here, but that we have a GOOD God at work here. His good ordering of things is a harbinger of all future conversations about holiness in Scripture and it provides us the structure within which to worship Him. We call God Creator and, I think, can mistakenly assume that this title is satisfied by an image we have of Him making things. We miss everything if we don’t start here, but we miss what we need if we stop here. So what if He made everything, does everything He made make sense? Is there some order here? The enemy of Genesis 1 is not the idea that God didn’t make things, it’s the idea that God can’t keep things together and can’t put them where they belong. God presents His role in our universe and in our personal lives as the One who sorts things out. He brings order. Yes, He made all things, including us, but this alone does little for our troubled souls. We are desperate for the good news that, in God alone, things make sense. Because of God, there is order. Life rarely seems to make sense. Enter God, the Creator-Artist. He happened to make the paint and the canvas. Sure. That’s really neat. But now… watch what He does with it! Watch how He alone brings order to it all! See it in sunsets and hear it in conversations with children. Experience it in your own life. Order! Wow!

In Christ, may our Creator-Redeemer do amazing things in ordering your life and universe this next year!


13 Replies to “In the beginning…”

    1. Are you looking for another “dynamic equivalent” (thought by thought) translation like the NIV? The HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible) might be one to consider then. If you feel drawn to another “essentially literal” translation like the ESV, then the NASB (New American Standard Bible) might be a good choice.

  1. Your page is snowing. 🙂

    I want to do my first full read through this year and had heard you mention that Our Daily Bread has a plan to follow so that’s what I’ll be using. It feels like cheating to just click the links they provide, instead of having a nice physical book in your hands so I’ll be reading my ’85 NIV study Bible.

    1. That old NIV1984 text that you’ll be reading is my “home text.” I memorized so much of it back in the day that it is sewn into my heart. Sounds like you’re in for a great year. And, yes, I prefer my hands to be holding something instead of tapping something while I read too. Amen.

    1. Congratulations on those 4 years! I too like reading the whole Bible in one year. Do you feel like you need a change? That’s fine. If you look through recent posts you’ll see links to lots of new ideas for reading. Do any of these interest you more than what you’ve been doing? It’s pretty important make sure things stay fresh enough so that you won’t quit this great habit you’ve developed.

  2. Okay – awaiting my new bible … researched plans (a new adventure for me) and found one that goes by “genres” i.e., Gospels (Monday), Law (Tuesday), Narrative /History (Wednesday), Psalms (Thursday), Poetry (Friday), Prophecy (Saturday), and Epistles (Sunday).

      1. Yes … I started this before “new” bible arrives (NIV/old – HCS/on the way) and like it thus far. My OCD (which is certainly not a bible!) will have be go back to start again with HCS.

  3. I have been reading through the Bible in an “almost” year for a number of years ! I find that if I have a Bible that I can mark and write in, it helps me concentrate, especially through the OT books containing the Law and geneologies. I finished last year’s reading in Ocober and so started through again in the same month. I always always always find fresh insights and awesome truths about God no matter how many times I read through the Bible. My main highlights through reading the Bible this year will concentrate on what God has to say about Sabbath … and Rest … I need those reminders!

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