Real “Hope for the Warriors”

Hope for the Warriors ( is an amazing organization. I learned about them through linking up with them to run the 2016 NYC Marathon for them. My fundraising page shows that I’m a little less than halfway to my goal, about two thousand dollars short, but, regardless, Shannon and I are committed to the opportunity to give back. You would be too if you had seen some of the things I’ve seen and met some of the warriors I’ve met. Here are some of the life lessons I’ve learned from being a chaplain, from being someone charged to serve those who serve:

  1. You can always do more with less. This is always the first thing I notice. I see a warrior in a wheelchair or facing the extreme challenge of some related or other kind of disability with courage and resourcefulness and I am undone. I never fail to marvel at how this works, at how difficulty turns into courage with some people. It reveals that they are great people.
  2. A hero never stops being one. The qualities of character that distinguish those who sacrifice for the rest of us from the rest of us are pervasive and persistent. Heroes and their family members are on a different plain; they are heroic 24/7. When working with them (really for them), I have found that keeping this in mind is best for all. Never treat a hero as something less.
  3. Pain is a stubborn enemy. And it’s not just physical pain that stalks those wounded in the line of service. We can help by not forgetting that so many warriors are still in the fight. It may be hospital rooms instead of battlefields, but they are still serving honorably and still deserve the best from us. This poster below says it well and motivates me to do my tiny part by raising funds and running. Thanks for reading this and God bless.


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