Pokemon Down

After reading and talking to a handful of adults about Pokemon Go, I thought, “Well, this might be good for my oldest daughter (10), who connects with life and the universe best via screens. She would walk… outside… and, via the design of the game, even interact with humans. I’ll help her not walk into traffic, through sacred sites, or over cliffs. So I, great dad, stood outside in the humid, blinding sun, trying over and over again to load the free game and see how it works. It just wouldn’t load. I tried and tried. My tech-incompetence inspired that look from my 10-year-old that so many parents get. It is a cross between, “Can’t you do anything?” and “Why do you want me to suffer?”

I went back inside and googled Pokemon Go. I might never ask a real person for directions if I’m lost, especially if I’m driving with my wife in the car, but I will ask my computer. And… viola! (It’s voila actually.) It isn’t that I’m unable to figure out the simplest of computer applications ever, it’s that the entire Pokemon mainframe (I love writing that word; it makes me feel so computery) is down today, July 16th. Pokemon Down! 41 million users (or something like that) all over the planet are having to find some other reason to walk outside. Wow! This is life in the 21st century. Yes, we’ve got lots of unbearably awful news like countries imploding and the rest, but somehow the safe-newsbit-drama of Pokemon failure brightens things anyway.

It occurs to me that as I take my iPhone running everyday, I may now be interrupted on some runs with a buzz from my phone saying that some cute (weird) Pokemon monster is nearby. What a world!


2 Replies to “Pokemon Down”

  1. Amazing! My son Dominic has been telling me a couple weeks ago how he has another thing to be able to talk to his brother Derek about! ( Sometimes their communication isn’t the greatest-they need help in that dept) I am happy they have found another thing to talk & share about !

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