Romans 7:4
Likewise, my brothers, you also have died to the law through the body of Christ, so that you may belong to another, to him who has been raised from the dead, in order that we may bear fruit for God.

One of the “secrets” of discipleship is belonging to Christ on a daily, hourly basis. It is not something I do just once or once in a while; it is ongoing. It is not a prayer for salvation (despite the blessing that such a prayer is) that accomplishes this, but a life flowing from salvation. This is what honors God. This is what He says “well done” to. Bearing fruit always follows belonging. And, in order to belong to “Him who has been raised from the dead” I have to disassociate, via His death, with any and all competition with Him in my heart. On a practical level, if I belong to Christ, it means…

  1. I identify with Him and as His.
  2. I focus on my relationship with Him, not my results for Him.
  3. I stay dead to the law; I do not pick up new religion, no matter how tempted I am to shore things up in my life.
  4. I have brothers; I am not alone. I do not believe in loneliness as the world offers it. I do not wallow in what He commands me to reject.
  5. My life is not my own and I am not going to try to get it back.
  6. Christ’s life was not His own. Much as He may have wanted, He did not exert control over His own destiny; He submitted to the will of His Father. This is why anyone who trusts in Him also belongs to Him.
  7. All my problems arise from my forgetting Who I belong to.
  8. Chronic hurt feelings and “justified” grudges are a sign that I have or am trying to buy my life back from God. It is the insanity of thinking that I do not want to belong anymore, of choosing separation from God. Unforgiveness is turning from Heaven to Hell. My inner monologue about it means nothing. If I have to tell myself that I am being honest with myself, then I am not; the truth is not in me. My “eye” then is darkness as Jesus described in Matthew 6:23.
  9. Belonging to Christ is an inexhaustible source of deep comfort, joy, and peace.
  10. Once I am soaked clear through with the knowledge that I belong to God, I have zero relationship problems. In time, every bad experience with another – from the awkward to the painful – blows away in the wind and never returns. Never. It is amazing how comprehensive Christ’s repair of our lives turns out to be. In the end, God takes care of what belongs to Him.
  11. Remembering that I belong to Him takes real time every day. I have to experience it every day to own it every day. There is no drive through window for spiritual maturity. I have to cook it from scratch every day with time alone, space, and a Bible. (Strong coffee helps too… just my opinion.)

Lord, even today, help me remember who I am to You, in You, and because of You. I’m Yours. I belong to You. Forgive me for forgetting this all the time. Help me to get more help from You and less from myself! Amen. 

One Reply to “Belonging”

  1. Yesterday morning I awoke to a broken valve in my furnace that caused extreme water damage to half of the lower level of my house. As I squished across the carpet and left for work, I prayed that God would provide comfort and restore my nerves so I could do my work for the day. I turned on the radio in my car and heard a song that reminded me of how much I am loved and that I am His and I knew in that moment that He was pleased with me simply because of the way that I love Him. Nothing that this world can offer compares to being loved by and belonging to Him!

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