The Mute Man Spoke

Luke 11:14
Now he was casting out a demon that was mute. When the demon had gone out, the mute man spoke, and the people marveled.

The (nameless to us) man who was freed from a demon in this verse was also freed from the demon’s affliction. Based on this, be reminded of a few things…

  1. Some spiritual problems involving demons do not respond to therapy or the therapeutic approach…ever.
  2. These kind go out by prayer and fasting, not counseling or “patience.” (Mark 9:29)
  3. If we fail to discern the spiritual realm, we will be confused about certain things that happen in our world, in our lives, and in our heads.  (Ephesians 6:12)
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man and those around him just accepted the fact that he was mute. Some people are, of course. But this man’s affliction was not his, it was the demon’s. Serious Bible readers are equipped to be cautious before accepting a horizontal diagnosis for a vertical malady.
  5. Jesus set him free and gave him back his voice. I know a lot of people who need to be set free and need to find their voice. And I know The One who can do it for them: Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Deliverer. No kidding.
  6. “The mute man spoke” is an awesome testimony. Many people I know have one like it. Praise God.
  7. Deliverance is always something to marvel at. God’s power is such a joy for God’s people.

Lord Jesus, help me see with eyes and a mind lit up by an understanding of Scripture. Set me and everyone I know free. Restore the voices of the voiceless that they may proclaim Your Gospel and sing Your praises. Amen.  

4 Replies to “The Mute Man Spoke”

  1. I was thinking about a baby I love. She just turned 3, and is coming along, healing after an intensive surgery, done in an effort to mend her face. She was born with a rare facial deformity (fnd), a Tessier cleft and a fissure in her skull, which left her without a fully formed nose, etc. A series of surgeries were begun on her face a few years ago. By God’s grace, she is coming along beautifully.

    This baby is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Every day I go to read about her progress online, and pray for her. Her smile just beams like the sun and the light in her eyes, and her brave, lively spirit radiate such joy. She is an inspiration, this courageous little girl.

    Recently, she has begun speaking more, but, due to her sensitivity, when she speaks, her words are not very crisp and clear all the time; but she is still a baby!! Still, her communication is one of seeing the effect of God’s love in a small child’s life, and perfect eloquence. Her words are praise to the Lord for her life, and how she has lived. Her life, how it’s lived, is praise!

    God is so good to gift so many people to know how to write and speak, in different ways. It’s a gift and uplifting to hear and read God’s Word, and their words. which help, edify, and instruct; yet little has quite so moved me as this tiny child, who struggled just to say words clearly, like: “Hello” or “Please”.

    May I take a liberty? Could you please remember her in your prayers, for her healing, protection, and to bless her speech; and salvation for her and her family? She is what Lord Fauntleroy called a “Universal favorite!”

    Her parents knew she had this facial anomaly when she was still in the womb. When we think of this, it’s a marvel, even more; as her life and testimony is such a light so far, and she has hardly said a word. Then I think, and an age like this, sadly, makes one sometimes think in such instances. (Tragically, unthinkably, in our age, some wouldn’t.): ‘Thank God they let her live!!!’

    Here are some verses on voiceless, and speaking, and so forth; some of them remind me of her.

    Thank you for these devotionals. They’re a blessing!!!
    Happy March!


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