Numbers 11:4
Now the rabble that was among them had a strong craving. And the people of Israel also wept again and said, “Oh that we had meat to eat!

It did not turn out well for those who craved. In my Apologetics Study Bible the note on this verse says, “Insatiable craving leads to a life of bondage.” Boy, have I seen this. The funny thing about the people of Israel in this passage is that they were craving parts of the life that God had set them free from. I have seen this too. It is good to understand our craving. It has to be fed, but it will never feed. The old rule, “don’t go shopping on an empty stomach,” applies. We won’t get what will satisfy us in the long run, and what we do get won’t even satisfy us in the short run. The Israelites shout at us from history. “Stop!” A complaining spirit can kill the heartiest of us. We can see God part the seas and drown our enemies, but if we feed the complaint machine in our hearts, none of it will matter. We will combust with bitterness and our necks will grow stiff toward God.

“Lord, forgive and remove my cravings for anything that will hijack my faith and dampen my gratitude for You and what You’ve done for me. Thank you for Your Grace. Amen.” 

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