Luke 19:23
Why then did you not put my money in the bank, and at my coming I might have collected it with interest?’

It’s interesting. We all know that if someone loves money, he or she cannot love God. God tolerates no competitor for His affection. Why then, is there so much in the Bible, especially from Jesus, about how money reveals what we love? It turns out that Christians are supposed to care about money the way a farmer takes care of his land. There is attention to be paid, daily. Money is a resource we cannot escape. It is a mirror of what matters to us. It is a daily source of spiritual feedback, if we are to believe Christ’s teachings. It’s never about how much one has, but what one does with with one has. It can be liberating, in a way. Instead of serving money, we make money serve us. More importantly, money serves our interests. If we are interested in honoring God by helping others, then we have something good going on. I think this is what Jesus was after. In the end, whatever we get, we get from God. The point of a good life is to give back to God everything He gives us… with interest.

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