Styles of Waiting

Psalm 39:7
And now, O Lord, for what do I wait?
My hope is in you.

Different people wait in different ways. Having spent time in lines in stores and other places, here are some of the styles of waiting I’ve observed…

  1. Smart Phone Waiters – These people have fully turned down heads. Eyes are narrowed and focused on the micro-font of a smart phone, while brains attached register very little, if any, awareness of surroundings. Lines move forward at grocery stores and these people do not notice. They are frozen by phones. If you peek over their shoulders, you’ll often see that their undivided attention is for playing Candy Crush.
  2. Talking-On-The-Phone Waiters – Loud and uninterested in your lack of interest in their phone conversations, these people can make a long wait feel longer. Information you do want to hear about relationships which you do not know or care about can short-circuit your ability to endure.
  3. “Animal Farm” Harried Parent Waiters – These parents struggle to keep their kids from tearing apart stores or inspiring strangers to harm them when no one is looking. Often, they illicit great compassion from other parents or silent condemnation from non-parents.
  4. Angry Waiters – These are the people you look at once, and then something inside you says, “Danger, do not look again!” They are the picture of seething resentment. Waiting on this particular line is the worst thing they’ve ever experienced. And if they catch you looking at them again, they will blame you.
  5. “About-To-Pop” Waiters – These are the twitchy folks on line that you are afraid of. It looks like they are about to do something that might make the evening news.

Most people are not good at waiting. Waiting is hard, but waiting can sometimes be the best thing to do. Lent is about waiting. Life is about waiting. Wait long enough and suddenly you’re up; it’s your turn. Again, this doesn’t apply to every situation, but it certainly applies to some. Scripture tells us to wait on God.

4 Replies to “Styles of Waiting”

  1. ” Suddenly your up, it’s your turn…” I love this! I tell this to my daughter, ( or I should say told, she’s not a little one anymore) and also a few other kids, over the course of time, when they are/were struggling watching others get celebrated or have good things happen to them. Everyone gets a turn I remind them, so celebrate others while your waiting for yours 🙂…

  2. “In God’s time” – we wait and say this – really meaning “I want control and action now – why can’t i be in charge?” In my later years I have recently learned that accepting a wait (even on a post office queue) can be a perfect excuse to relax – because I am not in charge.

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