Fast from Lies

Psalm 101:7
No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house;
no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes.

We lie not just to cover something up. We lie because it makes life tolerable. Life is tedious and painful. Lies lie to us and we believe with all our little hearts that they can add to our lives. We enjoy lies. Eve, what’s better than perfection and paradise? One bite of a sweet, juicy lie. Lies release our creativity and validate our desires. The one drawback with lies is that they are lies. It’s like building a wooden house and collecting termites as pets. Termites eat wood. Lies eat life. Of course, lies lie to us. We’re not hungry. We’re just here to help. We’re your friends. Lies.

If you’re going to fast from something for Lent, fast from lies. I’m not saying that you should try to be more honest. Sure, go ahead and do that too, but I’m saying that it might be time to fast from loving lies. It’s a fast of diminished affection. You can’t check boxes with this one. You have to check your heart. Every day.

Or just fast from social media. That would be be good too. No lie.

And this is just my opinion, but forget about fasting from chocolate or wine, the two I hear about the most. You’ll end up loving these things even more and that defeats the point, doesn’t it? It’s about dwelling in His house for a change, not fanning the flame of your food or beverage idol.

It’s Ash Wednesday. I’ve renamed my blog once again, violating blogospheric rules I’m sure. Now I’ve cheaply made this our Lenten devotional. I don’t want to lie about it.


3 Replies to “Fast from Lies”

  1. This is a great topic. We lie to ourselves in ways that we don’t even acknowledge. We promise ourselves to do things, sometimes these are lies. We say we can have some extra to eat now because will skip dessert ….
    I’m going to exercise tomorrow …..
    I’m going to be on time for church next Sunday (I am hopeless at this – a another lie)…. We tell somebody we will think about having lunch when we really don’t intend to, How freeing it would be to just say I’m really not interested. Ok. Fasting from lies – need to notice them first. Thanks for blog.

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