Luke 2:18-19

And all who heard it wondered at what the shepherds told them. But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.

Sometimes the pace at Christmas can rob us of an opportunity to wonder at and treasure what it all means. Built in to these two verses is a clue as to how to enter into wondering at and treasuring the birth of Christ. It says here that Mary, along with others, HEARD what the shepherds said. This HEARING was the thing that flipped the spiritual switch inside her. Keep in mind that she actually gave birth to Christ, yet she, like us, needed to HEAR. You need to HEAR today about Jesus. HEAR in worship at church. HEAR the sermons and the songs. HEAR the prayers and the people join you in saying “amen.” HEAR what God has done in sending His own Son. HEAR the Gospel today. Don’t just think about it or read it. HEAR it. I’m convinced that for those of us He gives the physical sense of hearing to, God intends that our ears be how we open the door to Him. It’s not our eyes, hands, or mouths at first. They all follow. But first we must HEAR. Even Mary had to HEAR. It was the things she HEARD the shepherds, of all people, say about Jesus that made all the difference for her. And remember, the whole thing started with her listening to what an angel had to say to her. These things she HEARD the shepherd say about Jesus Christ, you can HEAR too. And they can and will make all the difference in your life as well. Amen.

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