Replenish My Story

Genesis 1:3

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Stories have the power to change everything; they are the light of our spiritual lives. I was nine in 1974 and living in Richmond, VA. I remember school more than anything else. I remember the fights I lost, the memorial service for a classmate who died in a car accident, and the time my teacher read “The Invisible Man” by H. G. Wells out loud. It was this reading that really stood out. The story, as I can see it now, was pretty dark, but the way it was told was brilliant to my nine-year-old mind. I learned then that stories shine light on our human experience. We are wired to respond to story; we were created this way. The story of Advent and Christmas is the primary story for humanity. It includes our need and sinfulness as well as God’s grace and provision. Here’s why this seems to matter so much to me…

  1. If I can see my life as a story with God in the center, I can make sense of the parts of my life that I would not write into it.
  2. When I understand that the tough parts of my day are only parts of a story that has a much better ending, hope rises within me.
  3. There is nothing that happens to me or inside of me that isn’t part of God’s story called the Gospel. The story of Jesus’s birth includes me!

May God bless your evening (my entry is late today) and the days to come with your increasing knowledge of His story and your part in it! Amen.


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