Replenished Beginnings

John 1:2

He was in the beginning with God.

The verses before and after describe Jesus as being God as well being with God. It’s revolutionary stuff. It’s also the eternal Christmas before our annual Christmas. Yes, Jesus was born. We go back in time to anticipate, and for all time celebrate, His birth during Advent and Christmas. But, He was before then. Jesus lived before He was born. He was in the beginning with God. Considering such things can overwhelm our imagination.

But there’s more. Whenever Jesus gets hold of a life, He goes back to its beginning and lays claim to it. That’s because He was there in your beginning. If you ever come to faith in Christ, then it’s true to say that you have always had the supervising care and attention of Christ, right from the beginning. This is both a comfort and a conviction. When someone has traveled a long way with us, most of the time we develop a deep bond with them. It’s hard not to. We’ve shared so much together. We know all the same stories. We took the same pictures. We felt that same jubilation when crossing a mile marker. If you’re a Christian, then no one has traveled more miles with you than Jesus. And no one will. He’s been there for everything. He has seen it all. All kinds of different people come in and out of your life. In this life, some wives and husbands are with each other for a long time, but not for the whole time. Children grow up with us, but they leave, for the most part. Parents leave too. Friends, coworkers, and neighbors are in and out of our lives, but Jesus has been there the whole time. He has never left. He never will. He’s been with you since the beginning. You can trust Him and you can talk to Him. There are things you can share with Him that no one else will understand. They had to be there. Well… Jesus was there. He knows. He knows you. Now to realize that He also loves you takes on such meaning. He doesn’t love you because you were good. He loves you in spite of the fact that you’ve never been good, even by your own standards. He loved you in the beginning.

Amazing stuff, eh?



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