Replenish Days I Missed

Joel 2:25

I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you.

I apologize. I’ve missed two days of posting on my advent blog. Yes, I really have not had even a few minutes to sit down and make an entry. I could give you the list of the things that ate away my time in the last few days. I have my locusts; you have yours. They are activities associated with work or home life that are urgent and important. We have to make decisions.

Again, I apologize for missing my posts. I think there are about 30 of you who really read this, and it means the world to me. My missing it does not mean it is not important. That’s the point. Sometimes the most important things get crowded out by things that are equally important, but also burningly urgent. I’m not talking about time-wasters; we all have those too. I’m talking about “great army” locusts that swoop down as a devouring horde. The promise in Joel is not, “I will restore (or replenish) the time you wasted.” Although one could argue that sin was at the root of the destruction God acknowledges sending, He is doing something here we all want Him to do. He is seeing the destruction from our limited viewpoint and introducing His own unlimited, sovereign power to reverse it. We crave this. Amen. This is a great verse to pray back to God!

Though Christmas can be depleting in every way, it has built into it the some of this reversing power of God. The birth of Christ – if we let it get ahold of our hearts and minds – can reverse our fear, cynicism, exhaustion, and bitterness. It can. The Gospel can do this and much more. Let’s join together in letting this story in. I’m tired of missing out on my life because of my life! How about you? The key to overcoming locusts is found in the person and promise of Jesus Christ. If I see that God is in control – funny how this works – I start to feel like things are getting better. He replenishes indeed.

7 Replies to “Replenish Days I Missed”

  1. No apology needed Pastor John. Absence makes the soul patient for your inspiring words. We are reminded to slow down our busy lives as you remind us that God is in control.

  2. I am so thankful for moments at the piano playing simple Christmas carols which God uses to refresh me. The urgent seems to consume until God just says “pause”.

  3. I was feeling a little guilty this morning because the power was out last night so I wasn’t able to set my alarm and overslept for both bible study and service. Then I read your devotional and I kinda felt like I was let off the hook a little. Why are we so hard and unforgiving of ourselves when Christ teaches just the opposite? I missed reading your devotional for the past couple of days and would have liked to have made it to church but surprisingly life goes on and the sun is still shining and God is looking down from heaven and smiling at how we sweat the small stuff! Looking forward to your next devotional, Pastor John, whenever…

  4. Nice to know the pastor has the same busyness and distractions that we do. We did miss the devotional and happy to see the new one. We relate for sure and pray for God’s leading as to the important things! Blessings to you, Pastor John.
    Rich & Ruth Van Hoff

  5. How true, and you are forgiven John! I am haunted by the things I don’t get done or miss out on, like Handel’s Messiah at West Point today. That is life!

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