Maundy Thursday?

Read John 13:34-35

We come soon to the end… and to the beginning. The Cross – its experience, pain, and satisfaction of wrath – begins today, not tomorrow. Today there was betrayal. Today He was abandoned. Today He was sold out. Today He was arrested. Not just the mental and emotional tortures, but the physical as well, began this day and especially this day’s night. I prefer Holy Thursday to Maundy Thursday. Maundy is an Old English term for commandment. John 13:34-35 has Jesus commanding us to love one another. That certainly was on His mind as He climbed to the Cross, but it certainly was not and is not on ours. It is the first command we break. It is the command we break most often. We have no ability to respect this command outside of all the work Christ does for us on His Cross and through His Empty Tomb. Maundy Monday would be more theologically correct. Come Monday we have the means in Christ to obey Christ. Before then we only want to crucify Him and each other. The only authentic love found in Holy Week is God’s Love poured out for us. We have none in ourselves to give to Him or each other. That’s the meaning of the Cross

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