Holy Wednesday

shumate-hRead Luke 22:3-6

(Adapted from a prior blog of mine as well…)

Did you know that Holy Wednesday, today, the Wednesday of Holy Week, is also called “Spy Wednesday?” This is seen as the day Judas agreed to betray Jesus for thirty silver coins. Judas Iscariot is an interesting person in history. He is probably the most tragic and condemned man in history. Reflecting on his life and choices is helpful, but uncomfortable; it hits close to home for some of us. Here may be a few reasons why:

1) Judas thought he was smarter than Jesus. He believed he was no fool.

2) Judas thought he was better than Jesus. He was was right in his own eyes, more right than Jesus.

3) Judas developed a taste for stolen and quick money that overrode his spiritual values. It seems he was morally blind to his own sinful tendency to steal.

4) Judas was always completely alone. He still is.

5) Judas only lied. He hid in plain sight, the ultimate form of lying.

6) Judas knew the power of God (and was an instrument for it as a disciple), but he never knew the purpose of God.

7) Judas thought he could, would, and should get away with it.

8) Judas’ life was only about Judas. Even his bitter end points to this.

9) Judas is glorified by some in contemporary culture. This is no surprise, given our culture.

10) Judas looked to make the most of a bad situation; Jesus had failed and was a failure from a worldly perspective. Judas saw things going south and decided to take things into his own hands. (Evil often begins with this motive in the mix.)

Many believe Judas left halfway through Jesus’ final passover meal, the meal we Christians base communion on. I often pray that “the Judas within me” would leave when I’m taking communion. Judas is a mirror for what we are and can become when we abandon Jesus.

One Reply to “Holy Wednesday”

  1. This is frightening. To be in the presence of Holiness and still be focused on “self.” How easy it is to walk away from God? Too easy. I’ll keep my eye’s on Jesus and work out my salvation knowing it is because of His Love for me that there is Hope.

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