Leafy-Palm-BranchesRead Matthew 21:10-11

Jesus entered today into Jerusalem. All knew who He was. He knew who He was. The confusion about identity belonged to others. Some believers shouting “Hosanna” may have become confused about who they were after hearing themselves shout “crucify Him” just days later. The greatest identity confusion, however, seems to be on the part of the Pharisees. The irony here is that few people in that world would have spent more time and effort cementing their identity together. They were “large and in charge,” to use the familiar phrase. They had worked hard to become so in their own minds and others’ eyes. Jesus called this into question. Jesus always calls into question our campaigns for self-promotion and self-importance. He invalidates our false self-validation. He cannot set us free otherwise. When we shout “Hosanna,” He hears us. He will “save us,” as we have cried out for Him to, by saving us from ourselves. Pray that He root out all the puff and posturing in your thinking, all the indignation at not being honored by others, and, most especially, any bitterness resulting from any resentment at not being tended to. Pray that He forgive your sins and set you free from them. Self-worship is self-consuming self-deception. Worship of God is true and liberating as well as overflowing with joy and hope. Hosanna! Save us, Lord!

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