Despite Fear

Read 2nd Timothy 1:7

Even though God did not give us a spirit of fear, many of us still have it. There it sits in our hearts, darkening our thoughts and plans with faithless “what ifs.” Our fear discredits our faith, which is interesting because verses like 2nd Timothy 1:7 exist to discredit our fear. It’s one or the other with every decision we make, starting with the decision we make about how to feel in this moment. Here are some of the ways I notice fear lying to me…

1) Fear claims that I have to choose it over faith in order to be safe. Safety is a powerful tool in the hands of fear. We never have too much or enough safety. The quest for safety can metastasize into a paralyzing spiritual cancer. Fear disguised as safety prevents us from doing anything, if we let it have its way with us. Fear can kill us in the name of safety.

2) Fear poses as wisdom from God. A cautious spirit has choked many a vision. People wait for everything to be lined up, for all the money they need to be in hand, for all the obstacles to be cleared, for every adversary to become an ally, and then, and only then, will they proceed. Inaction, however, is not always wisdom. Sometimes, because of fear, people stop waiting for God and start waiting for everything to be perfect.

3) Fear acts like a friend. “I’m only thinking of your best interests. I don’t want you to get hurt or lose what you have. Stay hidden and quiet and you won’t get burned.” Fear, the kind the Scriptures say God didn’t give us the spirit of, is never a friend.

4) Fear always has a plan for me. Fear always comes preloaded with its own ideas and agenda. Whatever I want to do or feel called to do takes second place to fear. If this spirit did not come from God, it will not lead me to God.

Instead, we have a different spirit when we have Jesus Christ as Lord. Fear still has a voice, but it loses its vote in how we live our lives and in how we feel on the inside. Let the Cross of Christ free you from the grip of fear and fill you with the power of faith to live for God.

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