iStock-6301333_squirrel_s3x4Read Luke 19:40

With Palm Sunday upon us, let’s think about the scene. It involved all of Creation. By saying that the rocks will cry out to Him if believing people don’t, Jesus is referring to all of Creation. “Creation testifies about Me, even if you won’t.” Creation harmonizes with the Gospel. This idea is found throughout Scripture. (Two, among many, interesting places to read about this, to my mind, are Joshua 24:27 and Romans 8:22 and their respective contexts.) So – stay with me here- all of Creation includes squirrels! You’ve probably seen a squirrel recently. If you log onto creation.com, you can read about how amazing these little things are. Their existence, for Creationists, stands as a furry rebuke of any theory of origins that departs from Genesis 1-2! If you won’t sing Christ’s praises this weekend and next, Palm Sunday and Easter, your role may be outsourced to a rock! Or maybe even to a squirrel! Why does Jesus say something like this to learned religious leaders? He takes their serious protest and makes it silly. One lesson for me: if I take myself too seriously, my self-regard and my misplaced affection for my own knowledge and social position may blind me to my only hope, Jesus Christ. Even as a believer, I can miss Him if all I’m looking for is myself. In this case, Jesus calls me silly too. And rightly so; I am. If I prefer my idea of wisdom to wonder and abandonment in the presence of Christ, I must salute the rocks and squirrels; they know better!

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