The Miles in the Valley


Getting through less than stellar days intact is a major life skill. This very familiar Psalm verse about the valley provides some insight. It’s the fear that gets us and brings us down. Fear is what traps us in the valley and keeps us from the mountaintops. Why? One reason, I think, is that fear paralyzes us. When we’re afraid, we stay put or run back; we don’t move forward. The key to getting through the valley is to get through it. Keep going. Don’t quit. Don’t wallow. Don’t whine. Get through it. Put in the miles in your valley. Walk every mile. Stop looking or begging for a shortcut or hot air balloon ride over it. Combat valley fear through shepherd fellowship. You are not alone. He is with you. “Thou art with me.” His presence comforts you. The word “comfort” means to add strength. Let him be your strength today, especially if it looks like today might qualify as one of those “less than stellar days.”

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