The River of Life

16732611_mlRead Revelation 22:1-5

You can read in Ezekiel 47:1-12 as well about a river with trees whose leaves are for healing. Two powerful insights emerge from this. The first has to do with God and what He provides. He has the heart and the ability to heal us. This is what He wants to do. He sent Jesus to provide for all healing, beginning with the most important kind. If I am wading through my day with the idea that God is anything but a refuge of restoration, then I am blind to the truth. The God of the Bible heals. The way our bodies physically heal provides an illustration for how spiritual healing works. Sore spots need special care or protection. Though some outward healing seems immediate, full, through-to-the-core healing is NEVER immediate. There is ALWAYS a process. There is always some waiting involved. The Cross was a process. Jesus obeyed the process His Father sent Him to fulfill. Christian life is one of healing process, never one of instant, magical results. Even when things happen instantly, such as sight being restored by Christ, the person healed instantly is still submerged into a larger healing process that involves the rest of his life and relationships. Healing is always accompanied by learning, or maybe more accurately, relearning. A second powerful insight has to do with our need for healing. In other words, we are broken. With our physical bodies, trips to the doctor or to the hospital are supposed to be occasional, not daily. With our spiritual selves, we need daily intervention. We need constant help. Without ongoing daily spiritual care, we will not make it. The Healer is needed today. We need Him now. Christ’s touch is the only thing that will get us through this day, even if it is not a particularly tough day. We’re still broken. Heaven Itself addresses this. There we will find a river with trees with leaves for healing! This healing is ours because our Savior hung on a tree and took our curse. Our wounds are healed only by His wounds.

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