Laughter is More Than Medicine

Read Genesis 21:1-7

Ten years ago I wrote my doctoral thesis on laughter. I titled it the “Laughter of Faith.” Much research has gone into the subject of laughter since then. All of confirms, to my mind anyway, my convictions that laughter is a gift from God, and, beyond this, a mark of blessing from God. In my study, I noticed that there were different kinds of laughter. The Bible portrays and dissects each kind found in life. One of the two large categories of laughter I discovered had to do with whether or not laughter in a given situation is appropriate. Like every other gift from God, there is a parallel counterfeit. When laughter is God-honoring, however, there is nothing like it. The laughter of Sarah, and the community around her, after all she went through, and all she put herself through, stands out above time as the fullest first response a blessed human being can offer the God (and Source) of the blessing. Isaac (he laughs) is a name we all want. My prayer for you as we make our way through the last chapters of Lent, is that Passion Week fills you with Resurrection-ignited joy, and that despite anything else, you know the laughter of faith in Your Risen Savior and King, Jesus Christ!

2 Replies to “Laughter is More Than Medicine”

  1. So… He who laughs last laughs best? This may not be in scripture, but when all is said & done, those that are with the Lamb of God will be in joy where laughter is sure to be present.

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