Read Matthew 24:38

The odd thing in considering the crucifixion of Christ is that daily life in this world went on as usual until it was over. That’s when, in Jerusalem anyway, the sky was darkened and the curtain was torn. That’s when those ignoring the proceedings were suddenly interrupted by them. Maybe many remained unaware. Daily life in Jerusalem may have been interrupted for a few hours, but the people living in or around what is now New York or Hong Kong or Paris were, most likely, totally unaware of what happened. Many people today remain totally unaware of what happened. Daily life grinds on with every living person seeing himself or herself as the center of it. It’s strange to consider how God allows us to ignore Him, if we so choose, for a season. Afterwards, He interrupts us with Himself and the truth. A believer is someone who has been redeemed through being interrupted early.

God allows us to live life and not know what life is, as He defines it. For believers, this is a frightening thought. For nonbelievers, in their minds there is nothing here to care about or be frightened of. Where do you find yourself?

2 Replies to “Interrupted”

  1. Yes l am frightened because of my loved ones who have yet to see God and know him through his Son Jesus. Yes the days are heading towards God interrupting us and so many will not nor want to see. We must continue in prayer …thy kingondom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  2. I find myself at the feet of mercy praying and believing in his sacrifice. I’ve been awakened to the reality of my own imperfections and since then, I’ve been in his hands! There, and only there, can my life be made whole. I pray continually that I may be counted worthy to escape the coming wrath

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