Our Daily Forgiveness

19587291_mlRead Matthew 6:14-15

Right after what we call “The Lord’s Prayer,” as if uttered in the same breath by Jesus Himself, we have these convicting words about forgiveness. Maybe some don’t, but I see a strong connection between the “daily” sense of the template for prayer Jesus gave us in verses 9-13 and these words in 14-15 that surgically remove the wiggle-room from forgiveness for all believers for all time. My hunch is that there are two things we all, as Christians, need to do every day: pray and forgive. This has implications for pastors and their work. Many people think that forgiveness is something you might have to do once in while. Very rarely will someone need to forgive you, but, if somehow horrible people do something horrible to you, you’ll need to go to extremes and forgive them. The picture in Scripture is different. Every day, I need to offer and receive forgiveness because I have been forgiven in Christ. Just being a normal person living a normal life means that, if I want to live it for Christ, I will need to forgive and be forgiven today as surely as I’ll need to pray. Neither we nor our society can function humanely without forgiveness. The more forgiveness the better. Sometimes I wonder if forgiveness is our real daily bread.

One Reply to “Our Daily Forgiveness”

  1. Forgiveness one of the most difficult things to do. We must forgive as he has forgiven us. This is an act done many times during our day. Essential to getting on with life.

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