Bricked by Boot Loop?

colonial_brick1-1Read 2nd Corinthians 5:17

One of my daughters has a Kindle Fire that is caught in “boot loop.” This means that every time we turn it on, it begins to boot up, but then restarts. The booting up process loops back, hence the term “boot loop.” It never gets fully started, and, therefore, is unusable. I downloaded a program to help with this titled “unbrick.” Kindles run Android operating systems. I’ve learned that they get “bricked” often, just as many other devises with this same software. When any Android devise is caught in boot loop, it is indeed like a brick. I think this is true for people as well. I know people (and so do you) that are caught in boot loop in their lives. They are bricked. They never get started right and, because of this, they aren’t going anywhere. The “unbrick” program for people is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When the “died-for-my-sins” download is made from head to heart people get a new, good, solid start in life. Jesus unbricks us spiritually. Even for longtime believers, this applies. Are you caught in boot loop in some way in your life? Don’t be surprised or discouraged. Our sinfulness is like messed-up software. Our Maker knows this. That’s why He sent Jesus to save us. Ask Him to give you a new start. Ask Him to make you a new creation. Ask Him to unbrick you. He will!

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