Sprung Forward

Read John 5:30

The hour didn’t go anywhere. We clockdidn’t lose it by springing forward; we just changed what we call it. Funny, though, if you change what you call 6am to 7am, it’s like you change everything. Something similar happens when we shift our spiritual identity from seeker to believer. Assuming that “seeker” is a good name for everyone to some degree, “believer” then represents a huge change. Jesus modeled this way of thinking by showing us how He viewed His Father. If I say I believe the Gospel, you might not see the difference this makes right away, but, just like Daylight Savings Time controls and changes every appointment with a single stroke, so confessing Jesus Christ as Lord not only redefines me spiritually, but it rearranges everything I do, think, and feel as a result. Nothing changed, but everything changed. I still have to brush my teeth and root through my drawer for a pair of socks without holes, but the standpoint and purpose of who I am in my daily life changes from “me” to “Him.” The times when I forget this are miserable. Today someone somewhere will show up an hour late to worship services, and those first few minutes of unnecessary embarrassment and self-recrimination will be hard for the rest of us to witness. What this person is feeling, however, is exactly what I feel when I forget that my life is not my own. Ugh! I’ve sprung forward! How could I have forgotten this? What am I doing? I’m on His schedule now, not my own. My life is His now. I belong to Jesus Christ now. Help me not forget this again, Lord. Help me remember You.

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