Read John 8:12

sunshine-wallpaper_1920x1200Last night was the last night for being in single digit temperatures, I hope. Lately, after a long, dark, cold, snowy winter, the sun has been shining. Even if it’s in the 20’s temperature-wise, I notice ice melting on roads and sidewalks due to the sun. Light of every kind has this power. Jesus called Himself the Light of the World. Amen! Let the light shine, I say. In the light we can see things as they are. We are meant to live in the light, not the dark. We are designed to grow and prosper in the light. The darkness is for hiding. As we head toward Resurrection Sunday, we celebrate that Jesus walked out of the darkness of the tomb. He left the shadows and took us with Him. If, because of Christ, we no longer belong to the darkness, we can live differently. We can live as children of the light. We can smile again. We can follow Him Who is the Light and never, never again, walk in the darkness. Maybe someone you know needs more than just the light their eyes can see. If they need more, ask Jesus to use you to bring them light and hope and joy. In Christ, people can bring far more encouragement to others than they realize. Let your light shine. Turn people’s eyes up from the dark, frozen ground to the warm, shining sun however you are able to. More so, turn people’s eyes to the Son.

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