Read 1st Corinthians 12:11 and Proverbs 12:11

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard one person tell me about another person they believe to be a charismatic individual. As a pastor who is a lifetime, local pastor and non-celebrity, I am often regaled with descriptions of wonderful pastors, preachers, teachers, and Christian leaders who I ought to look up to. “You need to check out so-and-so. He’s amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it. Maybe you will… get something out of it, Pastor. I’m sure you will. He’s great. God has really given him a gift!” At first, such conversations stung my pride a little… or a lot, depending on the source. Such humility inducement can often be a very healthy thing, at least for me, but after many years I realized that I wasn’t hearing about how much greater some celebrity was in comparison to me, I was hearing from someone who wanted something else, something more, something new. I was hearing a confession in disguise from a congregation member who wanted something from God. When we idolize our Christian leaders, we miss the point. We sin by this, but there is something in this sin that we can learn about ourselves. Anytime we look up to another human being inappropriately, we may be displaying symptoms of a lack of the Holy Spirit in our own lives. We are attracted to idols because we can’t sense or see the real thing. Usually, we won’t choose the counterfeit if we have the real thing. We settle for the counterfeit when we believe it’s as close to the real thing as we’ll get. The word “charisma,” as many know, comes from the word for “grace.” If something is a gift, like grace is by definition, then it speaks far more about the greatness of the giver than the recipient. You and I don’t have to be impressed or intimidated by the awesome gifts that others have received from God. The star of every show of anointing is always God Himself. The point of every sign, wonder, miracle, and ministry is God as well. In His Kingdom, who gets to do what is up to God, not us. In Christ, we can rest in this and pick up the work the Lord hands us with joy, turning away from every temptation to break the 2nd commandment (don’t idolize) by not breaking the 10th commandment (don’t covet). We can work our own land per Proverbs 12:11. This is a gift of grace.

One Reply to “Charisma”

  1. I am thankful God has blessed our church with people who speak his truth, and help us see his grace in our lives every day

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