Read Isaiah 29:16

Whatever is in style or in fashion these days, calling something a sin is not. Sometimes it feels like our world is on a crusade to abolish the concept of sin. To have sin, there has to be a moral law from God. To have this there has to be a God to which we are all immediately and eternally accountable. Few people, even self-proclaimed Christians, can tolerate the thought of any of this.

My kids like to play with play-doh. It is most kids’ first experience with sculpture. You can make anything with it. This is what most people look for from the idea of God. They want something spiritual that they can make anything they want with. The God of the Bible, however, is not made of play-doh. playdohFunny thing, if we believe the Bible, we and our lives are more the stuff of Play-doh, and joyfully so. We are not looking for what we want from God or in a God, but we are looking for what He wants from and in us.

As we move toward the Cross during this Lenten season, let us approach God as only the Bible defines Him. Never mind our ideas and preferences; these are what we’re asking Him to mold today. Our prayer is that He will shape us and our lives into something which delights Him.

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