Hear me!

Read Psalm 61:1

I wonder why the Psalmist seems to implore God to listen. This would seem to be more appropriate with another human being. Technically, it is impossible for God not to hear, right? When is He not listening? When is He distracted, checking his e-mails or flipping through the channels on His jupiter-sized jumbotron in Heaven while we try to tell Him something? So, why the big, dramatic plea? Hear my cry! Is it indicative of a theology problem? Maybe the Psalmist wants to show that none of us can keep our doctrine straight when in pain or duress. Or is it a type of clean expletive? Maybe we’re being given the right words to say when we have no words to say, when all our emotional circuits are overloaded, when sin tempts us to spew profanity. Perhaps there is something else to consider. When we call out to God like the Psalmist does, we identify Him alone as our source of help. We’re not calling on anyone or anything else. There are times when we have something to say or something to ask that we don’t need anyone else to hear. More so, these are usually times when we must hear our own voices express this singular faith in Him as part of the rescue operation we’re crying out to Him for. Even today, there may be moments when it needs to be just you and your Lord. Ask Him… and no one else… to hear you. Tell Him that you have something to tell Him and be consoled by the reminder you give yourself that you have no other Savior but Christ.

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