Read John 10:10

Jesus contrasts Himself and His work from “the thief.” In this one verse He gives us full perspective and hope. The news today, filled with murders and darkness, can all be summed up as the work of the thief. He comes “only to steal and kill and destroy.” Jesus, however, brings life. This helps us think. We can see things as they are once we know that all of life is a struggle between two forces. There is, however, a striking imbalance between the two forces. Jesus offers life… abundantly. The thief will perish. This means that if my thinking is clear because my eyes are focused on Him, far from having a rough time in my life, I can celebrate and relax even amidst turmoil.

So today is my daughter’s birthday! We have balloons and decorations. We have plans for multiple celebrations, including a full-fledged “Brave” (the movie) theme party in a few days. I’ll be dressed in a bear costume so she and a dozen other little girls can shoot at me with plastic arrows repeatedly. She’s eating a cookie for breakfast. Cupcakes will arrive in school today via mommy. Awesome fun, all of it. (Yes, sugar = fun.)

What Jesus does and did means that the awesome fun of today is the stuff of forever. The thief is not invited then, so I am not going to attend to him now, not even a little. He is conquered, gone, removed. It is finished. This is the joy of Easter that Lent and Holy Week bring us to. This is the result of the Cross. This is Jesus. He paid the price for your sins; now, because you believe, the thief has no claim on you. Don’t forget. No matter what, don’t forget the never-to-be-broken promises of God. Enjoy your abundant and eternal life in Christ even today! And beware of 9-year-old sugared-up warrior-girls and their plastic arrows! Especially if you’re dressed up like a bear!

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