Tell Your Friends

Read Mark 5:18-20

Jesus delivered a demon-possessed man. He went from the equivalent of a rabid animal to “clothed and in his right mind.” Afterwards he wanted to stay with Jesus and join His inner circle, but Jesus sent him away with a commission instead. “Go home and tell your friends what the Lord has done for you… how He has had mercy on you.” The man did it. He had a mission field of ten cities (The Decapolis); he went from maniac to missionary. Later in Mark, when Jesus returns to this area (Mark 6:54; 7:31), He encounters enthusiastic believers and seekers. Jesus performs healing miracles and a second feeding miracle (4,000 fed with 7 loaves left over) for these Gentiles in this Gentile area. The difference is that these Gentiles, with no Jewish framework to understand Jesus as the Messiah, believe anyway. Was the formerly-demon-possessed-man-turned-preacher behind this? Now, imagine what you can do if you simply start telling your friends what God has done for you. This man did not go to school. He had no training. You don’t need training to tell your God-story, only courage and compassion. Who are you telling today? How are you telling them?

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