Fresh Help

Read James 4:17

This verse points out an uncomfortable truth. We know what to do. We know what’s right. Sin is choosing something else. Every honest believer can see this play out daily in his or her life. Our capacity for self-sabotage remains strong despite our best intentions. It can be disheartening. Don’t let it be. Jesus doesn’t see His role as Savior as an inconvenience, something He’ll do as long as we need Him to. Bible verses like this emphasize this. He offers fresh help today. We wouldn’t have our need for help pointed out so readily otherwise. Knowing I knew what to do and didn’t do it puts me, at that difficult moment of self-awareness, right back into my Savior’s hands. “Help, Lord.” There are NO effective prayers that take a different tone than this. Whether the Lord’s Prayer or some version of “Have mercy on me, Lord,” every standard, Biblical foundation for prayer depends on our acknowledged need for God’s help and His loving provision of it.

This Sunday, the first after Ash Wednesday, ask God for greater help. Ask Him to help you ask for more help. Ask for help especially in those areas you don’t think you need any help. Have you done everything you know you ought to have done in every situation in your life? No? Then ask for forgiveness, grace, and a new start. In other words, ask for help. Don’t throw up your worn out defenses. Don’t offer excuses. Don’t turn away. Ask for help now.

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