Safe Keeping

Read Isaiah 26:3

In the very cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing in the northeastern United States this year, it’s been interesting to see people’s reaction. A life verse for me, Isaiah 26:3 has come to mind. “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you.” This is my memory of the old NIV version of this verse. It speaks of God keeping people in the Shalom of Shaloms (that’s the Hebrew translated in English in the NIV as “perfect peace”) because they kept themselves in Him. These days every time I see person run into a house, a building, or a car to avoid extreme temperatures it reminds me of how God wants us to run into Him. Get inside! Outside of God the conditions are untenable. You will struggle even to survive. Inside you might forget about the conditions (the weather) altogether. Trust is the door into God. For me the strange paradox is found here. I often look to my circumstances to fortify my trust in God. This huge mistake betrays my often less than steadfast mind. Often God offers Himself as a shelter from or in the midst of circumstances. Whether circumstances are good or bad, I am to run into Him. He will keep me warm on the spiritual equivalent of days like this.

2 Replies to “Safe Keeping”

  1. This past Friday night..friends for Life bible study..many couples shared some of there Life struggles or storms and how afterwards they had to learn to trust God through is awesome to know that we have a God that knows what suffering is..running to Jesus should be the first thing we do together as a body…Thank you Pastor John…

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