Change by Going

Read Luke 17:11-19

Lent is about change. When Jesus journeyed to Jerusalem and the cross, He knew He would never return to things as they were. In fact, He knew that nothing would ever be the same again. When we journey with Him by faith in our lives, we too are never the same. Luke 17:11-19 is one example of how this works. “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.” Perhaps you can relate to this cry. Jesus’ first word in response to this was “go.” It was as they went that they experienced healing. Life in Christ is still like this. At the end of the account only one cleansed leper journeyed back to Jesus to express gratitude. Even here Jesus’ response to this was to send him. “Rise and go…” How is He saying this to you today? I find that sometimes my biggest problems in life and with God stem from my stubborn refusal to “go there” with God. I see it in others’ lives too. Whether it involves finally “going” to church or “going there” in asking forgiveness from someone, there are few blessings from God that do not involve us making our move too. Make your move today. Go there. If God has said, “go,” then what are you waiting for? When His Father told Him to go to Jerusalem to face death for you, He did not hesitate.

One Reply to “Change by Going”

  1. Denial, stubbornness, controlling, rationalizing, and avoidance have all been things that seemed easier to me at one time or another in the short term. But they exact a terrible cost long term cost on our lives. Ultimately, I’m thankful when God has helped me see these things that cover my sin and keep me from living in the freedom and peace He purchased for me. Growing hasn’t always been pleasant, but it’s been worth it.

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