Trading Snow for Ashes

Read Galatians 2:20

Begin with the end in mind. I think this is the second of Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Now, if the phrase “highly effective people” makes you a little nauseous, know that you are not alone. It repels me a little too. The truth is, whether you are “effective” or not, one day soon you will be a highly dead person. This is where we start. This is our end. A clear-eyed acceptance of death (ours and His) is the only thing that opens the door to a meaningful life in Jesus Christ. The beginning of the 40-day (it doesn’t count Sundays) journey to the week of Christ’s crucifixion begins with our end in mind: ashes. Tomorrow, some Christians will even have ashes applied to their foreheads. Very few take it lightly. There’s no need to. When we take our deaths – both the physical kind we can’t avoid and the spiritual kind we too often avoid – to Jesus, He knows what to do with them. Jesus is like an artist with death. He completely changes it around. He’s like its dog whisperer. He is the Alpha. When Christ is done with death and us, we live forever and death dies (Rev. 20:14). How this all works and what makes it work are what these 40 days and Holy Week are about.

You can see what I did here, if you followed me during this last Advent. I’ve put a cover over that couch and now I’m calling it a Lenten devotional. It’s been repurposed! Starting tomorrow, ask God to do some repurposing in your life too. He can make a new you out of that same old piece of clay reading this right now. When you see death through His eyes, especially His death, you then get to see and live life through His eyes.

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