Held Together

Read Psalm 34:17-19scotch_tape2a According to its web site, the makers of Scotch Tape (a brand like Kleenex, whose name is often used as the name for the product itself) produce enough tape each year to go around the earth 165 times. It is about 80 years old and started as a “make do” product to help people in the depression. It is a major ingredient of Christmas. “Where’s the Scotch Tape?” is a serious question in millions of homes in December. Many children’s shows about Christmas begin with the plot twist of Christmas being cancelled this year. None have yet used the obvious. If the Scotch Tape isn’t found, all Christmas processes and production are threatened. Forget Santa. I need the tape now. For some of us, there can never be enough Scotch Tape. If it’s time to wrap, I feel vulnerable if I only locate one roll. I prefer to have two or three on hand. Scotch Tape holds things together. Well, so does Jesus. It’s far from all He does for us, and all He does for us is not the sum total, by any stretch, of Who He is to be to us or for us. He does, however, hold us together. He holds me together anyway. It’s a simple thing to be grateful for. Lord, I’m held together by Your real presence and reliable promises. Exhaustion competes with my awareness of Your grace. I can be tempted to resent Christmas. I can be spiritually ridiculous when I’m exposed by my weariness. Restore warmth and light to my mind and life. Restore me. You’re the only one who can. Since I can trust You on my worst days, let me rest in You today. Amen.

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