Enjoying Christmas

Read Isaiah 9:2-3

Christmas and diets don’t go together well. They shouldn’t. Christmas is a time for feasting. The good news, for those who don’t want to gain weight, is that the feasting doesn’t have to be on rich food. It can be on other things, better things, more satisfying things. We can feast on and enjoy…

1) Tradition – Tradition gets a bad rap, but it is meant to be enjoyed. We don’t worship it, just like we don’t worship food. Advent and Christmas are pregnant with tradition. (Strange pun intended.) Few things are as sweet as special family or personal traditions. If you don’t have any, this is the year to come up with some. The best traditions teach Christ. Advent wreaths and carol singing can serve as examples. Cooking, crafts, special films and shows, outings to get a tree, and old CDs of Christmas music are a few other examples. These are things that can be feasted on.

2) Rest – Christmas for many (not me at all!) represents time off and rest. Employers struggle sometimes to know when to let employees take off. Work production slows as people relax and their minds get carried away with the season. This is good. Millions and millions of working people are remembering their humanity and what matters most in life. What matters most is never work. The final days of December are a sabbath for many. They are meant to be feasted on as such. Rest and rest some more. Sleep in. Resist all temptations to be productive. If you have shopping, cleaning up, wrapping, or other things left to do, make sure you rest in doing them. They’re fun, not work. Have fun. (Fun, at its best, is a powerful form of rest.)

3) Scripture – The season, obviously, is rich with Scripture. You hear it piped into the malls via Christmas songs. You see in on signs and it comes in the mail on cards. The Bible is not window dressing for a holiday. The Bible defines and offers us this remembrance and celebration. Jesus Christ was born. The Father did not hold back. All hope is reborn. Take the time to read your Bible during Advent and Christmas. Just open it up and feast. Life is good. God is good. Let His Word open you up to the fullness of what is good.

These are three things for which no limiting diet is appropriate. Fill up on them. These are three things which daily life seems to slowly rob us of.

Thank You Lord, for the celebration. Thank You for tradition, rest, and Scripture. Help me combine all three through plans to worship You with Your people in Advent and Christmas worship services this year. Let me privately enjoy all three and all the other aspects of this season. Everything wonderful points to You. Take me to You in my spirit even as I’m praying now. Let me enjoy You, Lord. Amen.

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