Read 1st Samuel 15:1-23

Rebellion “being as the sin of divination” (or “witchcraft” as it says in the King James Version) seems far from something to talk about around Christmas, but there is a connection. Saul is the one Samuel said this to after he took matters into his own hands and usurped priestly authority from Samuel and even God. There is a clue as to why he does this in verse 17 when Samuel notes that Saul once seemed small in his own eyes. This is why people rebel. This is why church leaders witness rebellion by all kinds of people. They are all hurting people, suffering in their smallness. When someone tries to hurt or take down a pastor, for instance, most pastors know they are dealing with a wounded individual. Hurting people hurt people. Most pastors also know the only place such hurts and wounds can be treated and the only One who can treat them – the One whose birth is celebrated at Christmas. Saul went from bitterness to bitterness in his life. Christ was born to turn this around in ours. If you want to do the wrong thing, ask yourself why. The answer may lead you to The Answer, Christ Jesus. Believe and act on the truth, not a lie. Christ alone can replace your smallness with heaven-sized joy and faith.

Lord. Help me see why I do the things I don’t want to do. Teach me why I sin and show me how You meet the need I’m trying to meet through my rebellion. Let me learn from Saul. Holy Spirit, convict me to believe the truth and dismiss the lies. Give me the strength of the Lord, Your strength, in facing temptation. Amen.

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