War and Peace

Read Genesis 3:13-15

If we didn’t have an enemy, we wouldn’t have Christmas. Christmas is about the advent of our victory against the Serpent, the Deceiver. This victory comes to us from heaven in the holy person of Jesus Christ. This victory is necessary only because we are in a spiritual state of war. Make no mistake about it: we are at war. As our bodies decay along with the world around us, the war wages on. As we forget today what we learned yesterday, the war wages on. As fresh bad news about hunger, strife, disease, and conflict is available to us 24 hours a day, the war wages on. As fallen people seem to fall farther, the war wages on. The oasis of Christ’s advent to our souls rises from the fact that by faith we get a clear view of the war’s end. The Deceiver is doomed. The war is lopsided. Though we feel caught in the crossfire, Christmas reminds us that peace, because of Jesus, is inevitable.

Thank You Lord for the victory of faith. Strengthen my heart through the promises of Your Word, as every one of them are kept by Christ. Give me a fresh vision of where everything is headed so that I won’t lose heart.

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