Read Matthew 1:18-25

For a moment in history, everything depended on the reaction of one man to the circumstances in his life. This one man was Joseph, the fiancé of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Somehow, in a situation crowded with questions and doubt and pain, Joseph decided to believe God’s angel and react differently than almost anyone else in the world would have. Chances are, your legacy in life as well will be determined by your reactions to confusing circumstances. Will you choose Godly grace that defies conventional wisdom, or will you act like everyone else? Your reaction will show your soul. Joseph gives us a clue as to how to prepare for a legacy-determining reaction for God. Though broken by the fact that his fiancé was pregnant, and he knew he wasn’t the father, there was no anger or self-justification in his decision to “divorce her quietly.” He met perceived injustice with mercy. This showed his heart was in line with the son he would soon adopt. We too can prepare for our moment of destiny through lives of anger-defying mercy. Who knows how much will depend on us then? Who knows what effect we’ll have on history, if we do things differently than the rest of the world around us?

Lord, help me be like Joseph. As he trusted You even when it looked like his world had completely fallen apart, help me to do the same. Greatness comes through being like Jesus. I want nothing less, Lord, for the sake of the honor of Your Name which I bear as a believer.

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