The Star

Read Matthew 2:1-2

God placed a star to guide strangers to worship what was to them a foreign king. God let outsiders in. God inspired unbelievers to believe. God chose the unchosen for the fullness of blessing timelessly set aside for the chosen. The rules were broken. The ticket holders missed the event entirely. I blame religion. Religion had satisfied the remnant of Israel and blinded them to God. It still does this for Christians today. Christmas can easily be accompanied by a large dose of religion. Even non-religious people can load up around the holidays and feel full. But, just as too much food is not the same as nutrition, so religion in large doses is not the same as relationship. The Magi had a desire for God that nothing else in this world would satisfy. They didn’t want to study, categorize, appease, or impress God. They wanted to worship God. They wanted nothing else more, and undertook a hazardous journey, possibly risking everything, to do so. This is what we need driving us as well. Make sure you are dissatisfied with everything in life compared to Jesus. Don’t settle or sell out for less. Religion is no substitute for God. Even if you feel like a total outsider, if you seek Him, he will be found by you.

Lord, I set out to find You and worship You. There are many other things to live for or seek out in this world. I renounce them all for the sake of worshiping You. Thank you for the star of Scripture guiding me home to the One who has been born king, Jesus Christ.

One Reply to “The Star”

  1. We have heard that with a golden ticket it’s a golden day.
    But, with Jesus, every day is golden.
    The stars are far above us, up in the sky. So, we look up to them.
    Christmas star, one special star of meaning, and significance; reminding us, look up, and out, to Him.

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