The Wonderland of Faith

Read 2 Timothy 3:14-17

Many of our traditions and songs link Christmas with winter. A White Christmas is ideal, yet for most of the world where we live, Christmas is a bit early in the winter. The glory of winter is a month or two in the future. December 25th is only the third day of winter officially. So, Christmas windows are painted with fake snow and wonderlands are sung about and usually it’s raining or stark and gray with bare trees. There’s a parallel to faith. Beginning to believe in Jesus is different from the wonderland of really knowing Him the way that Scripture reveals Him. If you’ve accepted Christ and it’s not the wonderland everyone’s sung about, you should realize that you haven’t seen anything yet. A shelf is a terrible place for a Bible! A drawer is worse! If you want to see the wonderland of faith in Christ, you can only do so through the lens of God’s Word. Just as you usually have to travel through time from Christmas to experience the best of winter, so you have to travel through Scripture from the point when you start to believe to experience the best of God. This is how He has designed weather and faith.

Lord, open me so I open Your Word. Forgive me for making a chore out of what you’ve designed to be a joy. Teach me to learn. Help me to read. Make other things dull compared to the time I spend in Your Word. Show me Your face in Your Word that I may live as Your child.

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