The Gift of Worship

Read John 4:19-26

The story of the little drummer boy was striking to me as a kid. Although the version we’re familiar with is relatively modern (1958), it teaches an ancient and precious truth: that a gift can be anything that comes from the heart. As a boy, my heart went out the little drummer boy. He had nothing to give. All he could do was play his drums. Many of us feel this way in life. We feel like we don’t have anything special to give God. We feel empty-handed before God. Christmas proves us wrong. From the shepherds of ancient Scripture to the drummer-boy of modern lyrics, one thing is clear, the gift of worship is the greatest gift we can give to God. It is always on God’s Christmas list. It’s what He looks for under the tree (and everywhere else). It’s what He wants from you this Christmas more than anything else. Though he wants it, because He’s God He’ll be just fine without it, but you won’t. Don’t miss your opportunity while you walk this earth to worship its Creator and yours.

Lord God, I worship You this Advent and Christmas season. If You’re looking for a worshiper, You’ve found one in me. Receive my gift to You of worship. I have nothing else of value to give You compared to my worship of You.

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