O Come All Ye Unfaithful

Read Romans 3:21-24

“O Come All Ye Faithful?” Maybe the title of this song would be closer to the truth as, “O Come All Ye Unfaithful.” After all, who are the faithful? Jesus came for sinners, people who have fallen short of His glory, the unfaithful – people like us. The miracle of Christmas is that a remnant of the unfaithful on earth is brought by grace to a place where they “adore Him.” God loved us while we were yet unfaithful. That’s the kind of God Scripture reveals Him to be. It’s not, by the way, because He saw that we had potential or that “we at least tried” or any other similar accommodation. Without God, no one has potential or tries. When we think there is goodness in us that God must give us credit for, we block our minds from being able to even begin to understand God’s grace. But, with God and His Grace to us in Christ – because He Who was faithful, Jesus Christ, did come – all the unfaithful who turn to Him by faith are indeed being transformed. Sing choirs of angels!

Lord, as I come, make me faithful. I don’t come to You because I’m faithful. I’m not. You come to me because You are faithful. May I bring You glory and adoration in my response to Your indescribable, personal gift to me of faithful love and salvation.

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